Baby Session:

Starting with the maternity session, then 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and finally the first year.  Babies development during the first year is like none other.  To complete this session, requires dedication from the parents and photographer.  The printing options are numerous, we recommend the Classic baby album, it’s like none other.

Of course we welcome the baby at any time. Schedule the baby’s appointment during his or her best time of day.



Children at Play:

The Children at play session has always been a favorite assignment of mine. Pre-school ages are exciting, beginning at 2 years through 5 years. Review the images in the children’s gallery.  The results of this session exposes so many wonderful expressions, that you have witnessed as they have grown.

Parents have been very pleased with the results of this session. Often the collection of images are displayed in our popular crown album.


Senior Session:

Unlimited clothing changes, add items of special interest from hobbies, sports, pets and of course your ride. City scape or country locations combined with creative poses creating one of kind images that we both will be proud of. The options available for this session remains endless. I am proud of the seniors displayed in the senior gallery, it has been a pleasure to work with each one. I hope you join us.


Family Session:

Any number of family members may be included in this session.  The location can take place in your home or a favorite site of the families. Usually one family member has the task of coordinating the photo event. Finding a date and time when everyone is available is a task. Coordinating clothing is often another challenge. In the end the families efforts are rewarded with an attractive collection of images.  In addition to a family group photo, usually we do breakdowns, Individual, couples, just the kids or grandkids. Any which way it happens. Numerous printing options are available, from albums to wall portraits.






Our Wedding Collection:

The months of planning and preparing for the wedding have gone; The magical day has arrived. The wedding service is beautiful. Emotions of love, laughter and tears follow. Wedding day memories will be shared by the bridal couple and by all that attended. After the celebration, the couple will have each other and their photographs for the rest of their lives.

They do not want to be disappointed in either.

The newlyweds will see their wedding for the first time through the eyes of their photographer. They will select the photographer based on his or her artistic skill, style, technique and personality.

The finished images will reflect these talents.

My wedding collection consist of several exciting sessions as illustrated in the corresponding galleries. Beginning with our engagement session, a fun and carefree event. While offering images that we all love, it also allows us to become better acquainted. Learning what to expect from one another. I believe the client develops confidence and I learn more about the wedding couples traits. So important as we approach the next sessions.

Images from this session are often used for the wedding announcements.

Generally the second session is “The Pre-Bridal session. Scheduling this session 6 – 8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Our southern heritage allows us many ideal locations. Naturally this session allows us the opportunity to be creative with poses and lighting techniques. Often Brides tell  me that they enjoyed wearing their wedding gown during this session, because they know what to expect during the event.

Our goal on your wedding day is to capture the preparation, excitement and emotion of the Bride, Groom, Wedding Party, Family and Guests. The rewards come knowing that I have treasured memories for all in attendance.

Accept my invitation to visit, discover what it’s all about. Many of the babies, families and seniors began with the wedding introduction.

Thank you for your interest in “Gillette’s Photography,” please call to review availability, schedule an appointment, review services, session fees as well as finished printing options.