Well! Hello There!

Welcome to my website, I could do like many others do and tell you about my background. which includes photo classes at Winona Professional Photography School in Chicago (now located in Atlanta), classes with AEW College of Photography in Baton Rouge.  Or the numerous seminars and workshops presented by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Louisiana Professional Photographers Association (LPPA), Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI) and finally Senior Portrait Photographers of America (SPPA). But I am not. Because I don’t think you came to this site to hear about me.

I believe you came to see what I can do for you. Perhaps you’re planning a wedding or seeking a family portrait. Babies are a treat and you’re wanting to capture their first year in photos. Or maybe you’re son or daughter will be graduating and you’re looking for high school senior portraits. Perhaps you have another special event in mind.

 There are many excellent photographers in our area. Like me, many offer a variety of services, from capturing the image to creating the exceptional print of album. Many Folks, when seeking professional photography services make their selection by price. While staying within your budget is important, that should not be the determining factor. Take a look at the photographer’s work, look at his/her style, determine for yourself if you like the photos. After the session, determine  if he or she provides the services you seek.

 I appreciate you stopping by.

I hope you enjoyed the visit, and I look forward to becoming acquainted and to showing you a variety of exciting images. You can


Thanks Again.

Bernard Gillette